Top Ten: Best Freak Outs in Film

There is nothing quite like a good film freak out. Whether it is James Cagney giggling with macabre glee before spraying a 1930′s cityscape with gunfire or Nicholas Cage flailing about the inside of a bear costume, a good freak out can light up a movie like nothing else. From the hilarious, to the disturbing,…Read more Top Ten: Best Freak Outs in Film

The Search, and The Finding?

I know that I had it, perhaps not even really that long ago. Ultimately elusive, yet its power is unmistakable. On its promise the world turns; we chase it like the holy grail. It's a lifelong search; we look in our personal relationships and our professional endeavors, in our higher callings and primordial impulses. Why…Read more The Search, and The Finding?