Praise and Support

What People Are Saying

“This blog illustrates a depth of feeling and a gift for gab unparalleled on the blogosphere. Well, maybe not the blogosphere, but on some sphere!”

– Adam Mohrbacher

“The best blog on the Internet…written by Adam Mohrbacher.”

– Adam Mohrbacher

“Rawf, Rawf, Rawf!”

– Minnie Mohrbacher (Adam’s Dog)

“Adam’s blog is the best in the world, just like Adam is the best boy in the world.”

– Mary Baker-Mohrbacher (Adam’s Mom)

“It’s hit or miss.”

– Nick Allen (Friend and Real Writer)

“I love Adam… and… uh… I kinda like his writing.”

– Adrienne Lanz (Adam’s Special Lady Friend)

“Umm… what?”

– Average Internet Visitor

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