TV Review: The White Lotus – The Complete First Season

Hello to all my thousands if not millions of loyal readers out there.

By now, you likely know what I am going to say with these kinds of posts. Despite my nearly constant proclamations of quitting the reviewing game, I just can’t stay away. I am, more or less, a Daniel Day-Lewis, Hayao Miyazaki and Steven Soderbergh all rolled into one.

Not in terms of talent of course. Each one of these men has more talent in their big toenails than I do or ever will in the entirety of my body and mind. No, I’m speaking about their routine and frankly annoying tendency to conduct retirement fakeouts, where they make a big hullabaloo about quitting their respective “games,” in this case acting, writing, and directing, only to return later with some new pet project.

Of course, as with anything else, results vary. For Day-Lewis, the last time he emerged from retirement was for Gangs of New York (a distinctly middling Scorsese effort), whereas for Miyazaki, he last came out of retirement to write and direct 2013’s The Wind Rises, a considerably more successful and heart-wrenching endeavor.

Me, I am pleased to say that I am returning on a high note as well. I don’t have a Wind Rises mind you. But I have produced a review of 2021’s very successful and very good miniseries The White Lotus. Most of the time, whenever I write anything, the best I can say about it is “Meh” or “Uh” or “Ok.” But in this case, I think the review turned out quite decent. And man, that’s a good feeling. 

Check it out at

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