Film Review: Spellbound (1945)

A good friend of mine once said that your average Alfred Hitchcock film consists of little more than "white people eating on trains." With him not typically sprouting off contrarian views, I was surprised by this statement and more than a little amused. It also colored my subsequent viewings of Hitch's work.  No longer do…Read more Film Review: Spellbound (1945)

Film Review: Brute Force (1947)

The 1947 prison drama Brute Force has a title that possesses a wide-range of applications. It forms the crux of the film's thematic focus of the prison edifice, which despotic head guard Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn) views as an arena where might definitely makes right. However, while this sets up a semi-interesting discussion on the…Read more Film Review: Brute Force (1947)