The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The light rail train pulled into Government Plaza station, smooth exterior coated in icy shards, windows thick with fog. With great reluctance, he pulled his thin coat more tightly to his chest. This garb was completely inappropriate for the weather. Slim and worn, the jacket was barely suitable for a crisp fall day much less…Read more The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

He left the complex behind. Driving sluggishly down the street, he was shocked at the amount of snow that had been unceremoniously dumped across the Minnesotan landscape. Roads had disappeared. Parking lots were closed off. Snow sat on building roofs like decadent helpings of vanilla icing. Making an ungainly right turn, he unsteadily began moving…Read more The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

Film Review: Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Most of the time Big Pharma appears in cinema as not only a malevolent force but a nearly satanic one. From The Constant Gardener and Resident Evil to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 28 Weeks Later, this is an industry that ravages cinematic worlds with a hateful, sociopathic frenzy. That is why…Read more Film Review: Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Film Review: Danton (1983)

Directed by Andrej Wajda, the 1983 historical film Danton profiles the fiery revolutionary Georges Danton (Gérard Depardieu), a bombastic, self-proclaimed "man-of-the-people," who was also one of the leading figures in the early stages of the French Revolution. The film is no traditional bio-pic, however, instead solely depicting Danton's spectacular fall-from-grace and persecution by fellow revolutionary…Read more Film Review: Danton (1983)

Film Review: Walk the Line (2005)

"You can't walk no line," snarls Reese Witherspoon's June Carter about halfway through the 2005 Academy Award-winning film Walk the Line. Directed at Joaquin Phoenix's liquored-up Johnny Cash, this outburst illustrates several things about the film as a whole. Much of what makes this James Mangold-directed biopic work is present in the context of the…Read more Film Review: Walk the Line (2005)

Film Review: Southside with You (2016)

On the surface Richard Tanne's Southside with You has the appearance of a bad joke. Taking place over the course of a 1989 afternoon on Chicago's south side, the film depicts the first date between future first lady Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) and future president "No Drama" Obama (Parker Sawyers). Before watching it, I worried…Read more Film Review: Southside with You (2016)