Film Review: Black Death (2010)

From 1347 to 1351, the black death, also known as the bubonic plague and the great mortality, swept across Europe. In four years, it killed between 75-200 million people and altered nearly every aspect of medieval life in the process - from literature and art to economics and religion. The plague is at the heart…Read more Film Review: Black Death (2010)

Film Review: The Greatest Showman (2017)

Many films are a "guilty pleasure," entertainment you know you shouldn't like and that you certainly wouldn't admit to liking in mixed company. It's more rare, however, when a film appears on the scene that blows that definition out of the water, a film that you not only wouldn't admit to liking in mixed company,…Read more Film Review: The Greatest Showman (2017)

Film Review: Home Again (2017)

It’s impossible to know fully why actors choose the roles they do. Whether it be the script, the subject matter or the chance to work with an admired collaborator, there are likely many reasons for an actor to sign onto a specific project. In the case of this year’s listless romantic comedy Home Again, one must…Read more Film Review: Home Again (2017)

The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The light rail train pulled into Government Plaza station, smooth exterior coated in icy shards, windows thick with fog. With great reluctance, he pulled his thin coat more tightly to his chest. This garb was completely inappropriate for the weather. Slim and worn, the jacket was barely suitable for a crisp fall day much less…Read more The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

He left the complex behind. Driving sluggishly down the street, he was shocked at the amount of snow that had been unceremoniously dumped across the Minnesotan landscape. Roads had disappeared. Parking lots were closed off. Snow sat on building roofs like decadent helpings of vanilla icing. Making an ungainly right turn, he unsteadily began moving…Read more The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

Film Review: Extraordinary Measures (2010)

Most of the time Big Pharma appears in cinema as not only a malevolent force but a nearly satanic one. From The Constant Gardener and Resident Evil to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 28 Weeks Later, this is an industry that ravages cinematic worlds with a hateful, sociopathic frenzy. That is why…Read more Film Review: Extraordinary Measures (2010)