Film Review: Spellbound (1945)

A good friend of mine once said that your average Alfred Hitchcock film consists of little more than "white people eating on trains." With him not typically sprouting off contrarian views, I was surprised by this statement and more than a little amused. It also colored my subsequent viewings of Hitch's work.  No longer do…Read more Film Review: Spellbound (1945)

Film Review: The Boys From Brazil (1978)

Whether serving as the punching bag of Indiana Jones or as the thorn in Rick Blaine's side, Nazis have proven themselves time and time again to be perfect fodder for cinematic villainy. This potential is exploited to the fullest in director Franklin J. Schaffner's bizarre thriller, The Boys From Brazil, which stars two heavyweights: Gregory…Read more Film Review: The Boys From Brazil (1978)