Film Review: The Edge (1997)

What happens when you plop down a couple of famous faces in the Alaskan wilderness and pair them with a gross misrepresentation of animal behavior? Well, you get 1997's The Edge, which stars Anthony Hopkins (at his most regal) and Alec Baldwin (at his most greasy). The Edge is a survivalist drama that strives…Read more Film Review: The Edge (1997)

Film Review: Regarding Henry (1991)

After a decade establishing himself as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Harrison Ford made some serious changes in the early 1990s. He put away his bullwhip and hung up his blaster, and Indiana Jones and Han Solo went into retirement (well, until recently). For Ford, he was no longer content to play "scruffy…Read more Film Review: Regarding Henry (1991)

Film Review: Fearless (1993)

Emerging from the battered remnants of a destroyed corn-field, leading a flock of shell-shocked survivors, Jeff Bridges' Max Klein immediately establishes the tone of intriguing ambiguity that comes to define Peter Weir's brilliant 1993 film Fearless. One of the few physically unscathed survivors from a truly horrific plane crash, Bridges’ Klein leaves the carnage with…Read more Film Review: Fearless (1993)