Double Feature: Stay Hungry – Frankenweenie (1976 and 2012)

Upon first glance Bob Rafelson's Stay Hungry and Tim Burton's Frankenweenie could not be more different, which makes their inclusion in my world-renowned Double Feature series feel rather strange. Not only are the two films separated by 36 years, but the basic genres they belong to are wildly divergent. Stay Hungry is a small dramady…Read more Double Feature: Stay Hungry – Frankenweenie (1976 and 2012)

Film Review: Fearless (1993)

Emerging from the battered remnants of a destroyed corn-field, leading a flock of shell-shocked survivors, Jeff Bridges' Max Klein immediately establishes the tone of intriguing ambiguity that comes to define Peter Weir's brilliant 1993 film Fearless. One of the few physically unscathed survivors from a truly horrific plane crash, Bridges’ Klein leaves the carnage with…Read more Film Review: Fearless (1993)