The Complex – Chapter VI: Sophomore Year

Laying in her cramped, twin-sized bed Sarah listened to her house. The storm wouldn't let up. Outside, snow and wind pushed relentlessly against the facade, prompting creeks and moans. Even laying underneath a pile of blankets, Sarah bristled at both the sounds of the storm and the room's meatlocker-like temperature. The sealant around her bedroom's sole window was…Read more The Complex – Chapter VI: Sophomore Year

Film Review: The Furies (1950)

When one is forced to think of directors typically associated with the western genre, only a few names leap instantly to mind. After one immediately blurts out "JOHN FORD" and "CLINT EASTWOOD" and fumbles around to say "um... well... oh gee... Sergio Leone?" the wellspring usually runs dry. This is certainly understandable; these men did…Read more Film Review: The Furies (1950)