Film Review: Metropolis (1927)

Fritz Lang's towering Metropolis is a film that needs no introduction. Its influence on cinematic history is so powerful, so resonant to this day, that trying to write anything novel about it is probably an exercise in futility. However, seeing how futile is my middle name I've decided to give it the old college try,…Read more Film Review: Metropolis (1927)

Film Review: Scarlet Street (1945)

Once an archetypal cinematic gangster, the diminutive Edward G. Robinson did a bold about-face in Fritz Lang's excellent noir, Scarlet Street. In Lang's studio shot, oppressively claustrophobic film, the man who once was Little Caesar is reduced to puddy in the claws of femme-fatale Kitty March (played with great bombast by Joan Bennett). Lang, always…Read more Film Review: Scarlet Street (1945)