Film Review: The China Syndrome (1979)

The two most important scenes of 1979′s The China Syndrome are the two static shots of network television monitors which bookend James Bridges' film. The shots of television monitors depict members of the television media covering puff-piece stories. This establishes an immediate and powerfully condemning connection with the deplorable, 24 hour media circus of the…Read more Film Review: The China Syndrome (1979)

Film Review: Prisoners (2013)

Prisoners is set in a economically depressed small-town suffering from barely hidden villainy. It's a chilly, nihilistic film, standing out even in a year filled with pessimism. Most of this you've seen before and most of it (particularly the ending) feels a tad preposterous. Additionally, the film falters because it can't decide on how best…Read more Film Review: Prisoners (2013)

Film Review: Sutures (2009)

Violence has been an integral quality of film since its inception. From the wild antics of Charlie Chaplin’s Little Tramp to modern-day meditations such as Irreversible, Fight Club or Eastern Promises, violence has nearly always been present. Used sparsely and responsibly on-screen movie violence can carry enormous power. It has the ability to launch explorations…Read more Film Review: Sutures (2009)