Film Review: The Rover (2014)

From Ravenous and Memento, to The Hard Word and The Proposition, Guy Pearce has shown himself again and again to be the posterboy for dirty, grim tales of crime and violence. These titles - where he typically embodies gaunt, unpredictable men - showcase the actor's preternatural ability to evoke both extreme emotion and remarkable restraint. In…Read more Film Review: The Rover (2014)

The Search, and The Finding?

I know that I had it, perhaps not even really that long ago. Ultimately elusive, yet its power is unmistakable. On its promise the world turns; we chase it like the holy grail. It's a lifelong search; we look in our personal relationships and our professional endeavors, in our higher callings and primordial impulses. Why…Read more The Search, and The Finding?