Film Review: The Cranes are Flying (1957)

The Cranes are Flying is a great slice of Soviet cinema, focusing on a small set of characters caught up in epic events. The film chronicles the plight of Veronika, a young woman living in Russia who finds herself and her lover Boris (the most stereotypically Russian name of all time) separated through the horror…Read more Film Review: The Cranes are Flying (1957)

Film Review: Stromboli (1950)

With the War Trilogy behind him, the esteemed Roberto Rossellini moved himself out of the grime and the gloom of the war-torn European mainland with 1950's Stromboli. This would be the first film that the Italian heavyweight would make with the too-beautiful-for-words Ingrid Bergman. In Stromboli the actress plays Karin, a woman from Lithuania who…Read more Film Review: Stromboli (1950)