Film Review: Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

After the rousing, Oscar-winning success of Gladiator, it was no surprise that Ridley Scott returned to the historical epic with 2005's Kingdom of Heaven. However, this time around his efforts were met with gentle indifference. There were no Oscar parties, nor were there any massive box office hauls. In fact, the film barely broke even.…Read more Film Review: Kingdom of Heaven (2005)

Film Review: Stromboli (1950)

With the War Trilogy behind him, the esteemed Roberto Rossellini moved himself out of the grime and the gloom of the war-torn European mainland with 1950's Stromboli. This would be the first film that the Italian heavyweight would make with the too-beautiful-for-words Ingrid Bergman. In Stromboli the actress plays Karin, a woman from Lithuania who…Read more Film Review: Stromboli (1950)

Film Review: Germany Year Zero (1948)

Aside from Vittorio De Sica there is no name that dominates the national film movement of Italian Neorealism more than Roberto Rossellini. A few years before the heavenly Ingrid Bergman would send Rossellini her now iconic letter, the Italian master was hard at work filming a series of searing war-time tales: Rome Open City, Paisan,…Read more Film Review: Germany Year Zero (1948)