The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The office was located inside a three bedroom apartment that was shared with two clients. Stepping inside, he sighed with relief at how much better the apartment looked at night. The late evening darkness cloaked the room, which masked much of its generally disheveled nature. He walked down the hallway of the apartment towards the office,…Read more The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah

And so he sat there - with only a few minutes to spare - staring at the snow that continued to amass upon his windshield. By morning the car would be entirely encased, its bulk indistinguishable from the glacial surroundings. He quietly cursed himself for moving back from Chicago. For as bad as the weather was…Read more The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah


When I was 18 years old I moved to Chicago for college. Naive and impetuous I gave the decision little consideration. There was no deep ruminating, no incessant deliberating - simply put: no "pros and cons" lists were drawn up. In a way this was good. My lack of foresight gave me the requisite gumption…Read more Stanchions

In Defense of Detroit or How I Learned to Stop Listening and Enjoy the City

During the waning days of summer, as the perennial war-mongering began,  I decided to take a vacation. I didn't hop on a plane, hellbent on sipping a daiquiri (although I love them) in Cabo. I didn't stuff myself full of chimichangas at an all-inclusive resort in Mazatlan. No, I wanted something more relaxing, more luxurious.…Read more In Defense of Detroit or How I Learned to Stop Listening and Enjoy the City

Film Review: Nine (2009)

As this decade comes to a close it is interesting to look back upon some of the more significant developments that have occurred inside the film industry. Over the past few years we have experienced the rise of the Apatow comedy, the superhero film genre has infested the marketplace, and the musical regained its commercial footing, starting in 2001 with Baz…Read more Film Review: Nine (2009)

Film Review: Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)

Almost 20 years have come and gone since John Wayne Gacy was put to death for his grisly handwork. For people who remain unfamiliar with Gacy’s story the ghoulishly titled “Killer Clown" was convicted of a string of brutal slayings (a majority of which occurred in the Chicagoland area) in 1980. In the interim since Gacy’s…Read more Film Review: Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)