The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The light rail train pulled into Government Plaza station, smooth exterior coated in icy shards, windows thick with fog. With great reluctance, he pulled his thin coat more tightly to his chest. This garb was completely inappropriate for the weather. Slim and worn, the jacket was barely suitable for a crisp fall day much less…Read more The Complex: Chapter XIII – Final Interview

The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

He had made it through the night, the darkness and the storm. But now he was drifting in a new form of blackness - one more impenetrable than any night. Inside of this velvety, unfathomably-dense void, he was lost in more ways than one. There was no trace, no vestige of himself. His body was, of…Read more The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

The Complex – Chapter VI: Sophomore Year

Laying in her cramped, twin-sized bed Sarah listened to her house. The storm wouldn't let up. Outside, snow and wind pushed relentlessly against the facade, prompting creeks and moans. Even laying underneath a pile of blankets, Sarah bristled at both the sounds of the storm and the room's meatlocker-like temperature. The sealant around her bedroom's sole window was…Read more The Complex – Chapter VI: Sophomore Year

Film Review: Steve Jobs (2015)

"I'm going to put a 1000 songs in your pocket."  When Michael Fassbender's titular character utters this line late into the running time of Steve Jobs it takes you a second to register what he's talking about. When you do however you don't feel or think anything substantial. There is no marveling at the man's…Read more Film Review: Steve Jobs (2015)

The Complex – Chapter V: The Application 

At 11 p.m., the night felt different than it did at 2 a.m., just like how 2 a.m. felt different from 3. Sitting in the office, he tried to savor the fleeting nature of the night's beginning, something only possible because he knew it would end. The first thing to set in was almost always…Read more The Complex – Chapter V: The Application 


When I was 18 years old I moved to Chicago for college. Naive and impetuous I gave the decision little consideration. There was no deep ruminating, no incessant deliberating - simply put: no "pros and cons" lists were drawn up. In a way this was good. My lack of foresight gave me the requisite gumption…Read more Stanchions