Toward the Stars, Toward Home

There was nothing aside from blackness - divorced from time and space. Then a light appeared, a pin-prick that gradually opened like a film iris. A giant eye stared at him. It was distorted and fragmented, a reflection of an eye rather than the real McCoy. His cheek felt cool and smooth, and he recognized…Read more Toward the Stars, Toward Home

The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

He left the complex behind. Driving sluggishly down the street, he was shocked at the amount of snow that had been unceremoniously dumped across the Minnesotan landscape. Roads had disappeared. Parking lots were closed off. Snow sat on building roofs like decadent helpings of vanilla icing. Making an ungainly right turn, he unsteadily began moving…Read more The Complex: Chapter XII – Into the Woods

The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

He had made it through the night, the darkness and the storm. But now he was drifting in a new form of blackness - one more impenetrable than any night. Inside of this velvety, unfathomably-dense void, he was lost in more ways than one. There was no trace, no vestige of himself. His body was, of…Read more The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The office was located inside a three bedroom apartment that was shared with two clients. Stepping inside, he sighed with relief at how much better the apartment looked at night. The late evening darkness cloaked the room, which masked much of its generally disheveled nature. He walked down the hallway of the apartment towards the office,…Read more The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah

And so he sat there - with only a few minutes to spare - staring at the snow that continued to amass upon his windshield. By morning the car would be entirely encased, its bulk indistinguishable from the glacial surroundings. He quietly cursed himself for moving back from Chicago. For as bad as the weather was…Read more The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah

A Letter to Joe Soucheray aka Jumping Joe

About two weeks ago the infamous Joe Soucheray of the Pioneer Press wrote a repulsive article, which you can read here. I wanted to respond to him directly, but strangely his email doesn't seem to work. I sent in an abridged version of the letter to the editor of the Pioneer Press and I decided…Read more A Letter to Joe Soucheray aka Jumping Joe