Minnie “The Moocher” Mohrbacher
Beloved friend and pet

Minnie Mohrbacher, 13, died peacefully Tuesday, August 11th, at her home in Hastings, Minnesota with her family by her side. Born on a crisp fall day in 2001, Minnie became the sole pet of the Mohrbachers, a family who at the time was living in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

A tiny, feisty and all around adorable Sheltie/Schipperke mixed-breed, Minnie was a welcome addition to the Mohrbacher clan, and quickly developed her own inimitable personality. Agile, whip-smart, proud and playful, Minnie proved to be invaluable companion for her family members, and a comforting fixture during periods of change and upheaval.

In those early years Minnie grew into a fine adult dog, and began to cultivate her life-long interests. One of these included excited “charging,” where she would wait for one of her family members to move in close before tearing about a room at a breakneck pace. Additionally, she developed her iconic palette, which ranged from raw vegetables (particularly broccoli) to the occasional turd. In 2004, Minnie accompanied her family during their epic move to Hastings, Minnesota, where she would live for the rest of her life.

In her later years Minnie continued to stay active. She participated in many walks down to the Trout Brook, which flows near her home, and developed a fondness for sleeping on furniture. She also continued to inspire mirth with her bizarre and humorous antics, such as randomly digging holes in the backyard if excited enough, and barking at inanimate objects whenever one crossed her path.

Minnie is survived by her entire family: Paul, Molly, Marie, Adam, Emily and Mike. She will be missed greatly by all who knew her, as she was a source of endless joy. She was preceded in death by the family rabbit Nino, as well as innumerable, unnamed fish. In lieu of flowers or condolences please just be kind to your pets, and to animals in general. Life really is too short.

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