Film Review: White God (2014)

For anyone who has ever loved, cared for, or, hell, even petted a dog, White God will prove to be a searing, uncomfortable experience. Meshing heightened-realism with allegorical horror, Hungarian writer/director Kornel Mundruczo's film powerfully connects on both an intellectual and emotional level. Although perhaps a little on the long side, White God is a…Read more Film Review: White God (2014)

To Live

Standing wearily in the small, dingy bathroom, with its chalk-white walls and uncleaned mirror, Darren studied his reflection. Sharp angular features, populated by freckles, and flecked with whiskers stared back at him. Sighing heavily, his chocolate-colored eyes drifted towards his bathroom's tub, an unassuming, utterly normal piece of porcelain, its milky color broken only by…Read more To Live