How One Leaves Orhan

What had she been doing? Flames cracked and popped within the ornate fireplace, casting a gold and orange glow through the small study. Amabel sat reclining in a high-backed chair, her thin legs extending toward the blaze. Yawning, she stretched her arms, brushing past the heavy wood and velvety cushion that composed the chair's back.…Read more How One Leaves Orhan

All Aboard to Cravenmoor

Jerome knew that life didn’t often appear this way, at least outside his dreams. Lush forests demarcated by raging waterfalls, dusty mountains punctuated by valleys of swampy marshland and sunlit meadows covered in iridescent flowers – such natural grandeur wasn’t abnormal. He’d even experienced some of it before. Instead, it was the town at the…Read more All Aboard to Cravenmoor

Toward the Stars, Toward Home

There was nothing aside from blackness - divorced from time and space. Then a light appeared, a pin-prick that gradually opened like a film iris. A giant eye stared at him. It was distorted and fragmented, a reflection of an eye rather than the real McCoy. His cheek felt cool and smooth, and he recognized…Read more Toward the Stars, Toward Home

The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

He had made it through the night, the darkness and the storm. But now he was drifting in a new form of blackness - one more impenetrable than any night. Inside of this velvety, unfathomably-dense void, he was lost in more ways than one. There was no trace, no vestige of himself. His body was, of…Read more The Complex: Chapter XI – A New Day

The Complex – Chapter IX: The Path

He stood in the snow behind the complex, looking at a tangled mess of woods that encircled the nearby frozen lake. The temperature had finally ticked up a notch, but he still found himself shaking. When he had brought the rock down in the supply closet, the mouse's innards had shot through its small, hairy…Read more The Complex – Chapter IX: The Path

What is Cravenmoor? – Chapter One

[ 1. ] Francis awoke to the grey, mid-morning light, which streamed through the blue curtains of his small, boxy room, highlighting the ample dust that floated freely but dully throughout space. The pillow his head was lying on was soaked with what he hoped was sweat. He didn’t want to check. He didn’t want…Read more What is Cravenmoor? – Chapter One