A Woman In Orhan

She could hardly remember a time when she could be reasonably described as happy. Occupying a luxurious apartment in a quaint river town, the material circumstances of her life couldn’t be better. The raw, nearly unimaginable suffering occurring just outside her doors hardly touched someone like her, or so you might be tempted to believe.…Read more A Woman In Orhan

The Complex: Chapter X – Letting it Be

The shower was warm and comforting, a steady stream that relaxed and invigorated her. Standing under the shower head, Sarah felt ensconced, safe, as if she had entered her own private, protective cocoon. She wanted to remain there forever. Although the snow and the wind had tapered off through the night, the temperature was still…Read more The Complex: Chapter X – Letting it Be

The Complex – Chapter IV: A Homecoming

There were times where Sarah knew where she was going, and there were times where she didn't know at all. After leaving work and the apartment complex, she had driven eastward, towards the highway, but had become stuck when her car had come up against a slight, snow-covered incline. Out of frustration, she quite literally…Read more The Complex – Chapter IV: A Homecoming