Film Review: The Night Before (2015)

The Night Before reunites the filmmakers behind 2011's great "cancer comedy": 50/50. There's Joesph Gordon-Levitt, again occupying the story's lead role. There's also Seth Rogen, again providing schluby support. Finally, there's Jonathan Levine, again taking the director's chair. Missing is 50/50's screenwriter Will Reiser, whose sensitive prose provided that film with the perfect balance of comedy…Read more Film Review: The Night Before (2015)

Film Review: Steve Jobs (2015)

"I'm going to put a 1000 songs in your pocket."  When Michael Fassbender's titular character utters this line late into the running time of Steve Jobs it takes you a second to register what he's talking about. When you do however you don't feel or think anything substantial. There is no marveling at the man's…Read more Film Review: Steve Jobs (2015)

Film Review: Observe and Report (2009)

The moment most critical for understanding Jody Hill's 2009 black comedy, Observe and Report, is played entirely for laughs. It occurs when the central character of the story, mall security guard Ronnie (played brilliantly by Seth Rogen), has resigned himself to following the antisocial nihilism of his co-worker Dennis (a hilarious Michael Pena). The two guards…Read more Film Review: Observe and Report (2009)

Film Review: Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

Zack and Miri (an effective Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks) are two childhood friends who share an apartment and a friendship that they both insist is utterly platonic. Never amounting to anything after leaving high school ten years ago the two slackers spend their days wallowing about their dire financial situation, and working dead-end jobs…Read more Film Review: Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)