Film Review: Hell Up In Harlem (1973)

Regardless of the medium they work in, it is always important that an artist knows when to stop. Unfortunately, most filmmakers typically take insightful adages (such as less being more) and viciously throw them out the window when they latch onto a viable (and profitable) character or premise. Such is the case with the 1973…Read more Film Review: Hell Up In Harlem (1973)

Film Review: Greenberg (2010)

Sometimes a movie just makes you want to bellow, "Shut the FUCK up!" It doesn't happen that often, at least not at my house. Still, I must admit that when watching Noah Baumbach's 2012 effort, the Ben Stiller vehicle Greenberg, it nearly escaped my lips on more than one occasion. I don't think anybody could…Read more Film Review: Greenberg (2010)

Film Review: Shame (2011)

After capturing the gruesome implications of the 1981 IRA hunger strike in his breakout 2008 film Hunger, Steve R. McQueen¬†shifted gears with 2011's Shame. Like Hunger, Shame stars the now seemingly omnipresent Michael Fassbender¬†in a performance so intense that it threatens to blow everything else off the screen. The film concerns itself with the story…Read more Film Review: Shame (2011)