Film Review: Obvious Child (2014)

As suggested in this excellent summation of Hollywood's dubious history with abortion, Obvious Child is not the revolutionary harbinger of pro-choice cinema. In fact, it is a movie with relatively modest ambitions, functioning primarily as a vehicle to showcase star Jenny Slate's powerful comedic and emotive gifts. It's legacy however will be how it contextualizes abortion for…Read more Film Review: Obvious Child (2014)

Film Review: Greenberg (2010)

Sometimes a movie just makes you want to bellow, "Shut the FUCK up!" It doesn't happen that often, at least not at my house. Still, I must admit that when watching Noah Baumbach's 2012 effort, the Ben Stiller vehicle Greenberg, it nearly escaped my lips on more than one occasion. I don't think anybody could…Read more Film Review: Greenberg (2010)