The Complex – Chapter IV: A Homecoming

There were times where Sarah knew where she was going, and there were times where she didn't know at all. After leaving work and the apartment complex, she had driven eastward, towards the highway, but had become stuck when her car had come up against a slight, snow-covered incline. Out of frustration, she quite literally…Read more The Complex – Chapter IV: A Homecoming

The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The office was located inside a three bedroom apartment that was shared with two clients. Stepping inside, he sighed with relief at how much better the apartment looked at night. The late evening darkness cloaked the room, which masked much of its generally disheveled nature. He walked down the hallway of the apartment towards the office,…Read more The Complex – Chapter III: The Circle

The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah

And so he sat there - with only a few minutes to spare - staring at the snow that continued to amass upon his windshield. By morning the car would be entirely encased, its bulk indistinguishable from the glacial surroundings. He quietly cursed himself for moving back from Chicago. For as bad as the weather was…Read more The Complex – Chapter II: Sarah

The Complex – Chapter I: The Night Shift

Six months had passed since he had accepted the job, a part-time position working nights. The apartment complex where the job was located was one of those relics erected at the height of suburban sprawl, resting on an isolated campus amidst freeways and thoroughfares like a mid-Atlantic island, catering solely to the automobile crowd. There…Read more The Complex – Chapter I: The Night Shift